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Navigate the Complexity of Expat Taxes with TAM Accounting's Comprehensive Services

At TAM Accounting, we understand the complexities that come with being a U.S. expatriate. As IRS Enrolled Agents and certified tax coaches, we specialize in providing expert guidance and efficient solutions to individuals and businesses dealing with expatriate tax issues.

The importance of expat tax compliance cannot be overstated. Living and working abroad involves intricate tax obligations that, if overlooked or misunderstood, could lead to substantial penalties from the IRS.

At TAM Accounting, we're dedicated to helping you understand and fulfill your expat tax responsibilities. Whether you're an individual living abroad or a business with expatriate employees, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our expat tax services include:

  • Preparation and filing of U.S. expat tax returns

  • Foreign earned income and housing exclusions

  • Tax treaty and totalization agreement analysis

  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)

  • Foreign tax credit calculations

  • IRS representation in case of audits or disputes

With our expert guidance, you can ensure all of your global income is compliant with U.S. tax laws, offering you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what's important – your personal and business growth.

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